Download and Release Notes

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This is a implementation of the Parity Volume Sets discussed at
This version uses file spec 1.0. Files created with Mirror 0.2.6 comply with this spec, but some features are still not implemented:
-v0.2.6 cannot create/view the volume comment. (but it can process volume sets with a comment)

Mirror 0.2.6 can open volume sets created with version 0.2.0 (file format 0.9). But 0.2.0 can't open sets created with 0.2.1+.

To do:

- Nothing :-)
Mirror is discontinued now - no new versions, no further support...

There is not much error and exception handling in my code. So make sure, you have enough disk space, check the created files afterwards and don't try any "let's see what happens, when..." stunts. As usual, there is ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY for this program. It deleted your files? Blew up your PC? Killed every lifeform within 10 miles? Well, your problem...


If you have problems downloading, make a rightclick on the link and select "save link as...".

Mirror 0.2.6 for Win32 (292 KB) - last version:

If you need an older version:
mirror025.rar (file format 1.0)
mirror024.rar (file format 1.0)
mirror023.rar (file format 1.0)
mirror022.rar (file format 1.0)
mirror020.rar (file format 0.9)
mirror011.rar (file format 0.5)